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Tips for Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Sitting in your first meeting after a big promotion, you look around and are gripped by the feeling that at any moment, someone is going to realize you don’t belong there. Those feelings of doubt are known as impostor syndrome. Impostor syndrome occurs when self-identity hasn’t caught up to new achievements. 

Nearly everyone suffers from some degree of impostor syndrome after realizing a great accomplishment. While these feelings are completely normal, allowing them to fester and increase your self-doubt can be a roadblock to success in your new role. We’ve put together three tips for overcoming impostor syndrome:

  1. Visualize success – think about how you would behave if you were totally comfortable in your new position. Write these behaviors down and practice them on the job.
  2. Become your own personal Stuart Smalley – take a look in the mirror, think of a quality or skill that will make you successful in your new role and tell yourself you are those things. Say out loud, “Jane, you are innovative/a leader/engaging…..” This may feel silly, but positive affirmations help bolster confidence and quell self-doubt.
  3. Tell someone – consider talking to a friend, colleague, mentor or coach about your feelings. Saying things out loud can help remove the power they hold when we keep them to ourselves. 

If you are experiencing impostor syndrome, remember this is a completely normal part of achieving success. By implementing the above practices as you transition into a new or bigger role, you’ll help lessen those feelings and see yourself as deserving of your achievements.

View this video from Dr. Sarah Bridges on Impostor Syndrome:

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