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Simon Sinek’s “Millennial Question”

Simon Sinek is a phenomenal speaker on leadership and dives into what he calls the “Millennial Question.”  He talks about why Millennials are perceived as being tough to manage as well as how organizations can create an environment where they can thrive. Check it out here: Key Takeaways: THE SKILLSET…

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The Give & Get of Listening

Over the years I have met with many leaders who are curious about how their workforce is doing.  What’s happening out there, what’s really going on? An SVP I worked with for years disclosed “I feel disconnected from my team and the organization, it keeps me up at night, what…

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Coaching Millennials – A New Playbook | Millennials

Many athletic coaches today are saying the same thing – that there has been a change in society, that kids today have a sense of entitlement, that they are more focused on stuff and less on the experience. However, there are coaches out there who are changing their approach to motivating…

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Leading Organizational Change

“The reorganization is failing miserably. I guess the change management didn’t work,” the executive said and put his head in his hands. We sat in his office below his diplomas, one Harvard, one Wharton. In the corner was a picture of him ten years ago, as captain of a winning…

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Supporting Future Leaders Today – Millennial Leadership Development

A large healthcare organization is putting on a leadership development seminar for high potential next generation talent.  A thirty-year-old woman walks into the seminar and takes a seat, flipping to her phone to view incoming emails as the lights dim and a slide deck appears on the screen.  “I’ve seen…

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Vulnerability is a Leadership Strength

Have you ever gone through a job interview and were asked what are your strengths? Would you ever consider stating that vulnerability is one of them? Probably not. However, for leaders, vulnerability is one of the characteristics that separate good leaders from great leaders. Sarah Bridges discusses why.  “To share…

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