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We work one-to-one with key leadership – those who are crucial to driving organizational success – to carefully assess current skills, discover areas for growth and develop specific coaching plans.


An important part of selecting candidates for hiring and for internal development as an adjunct to your talent management system is assessment. We utilize several tools, individually and in combination, to evaluate how leaders and staff see themselves, and each other. We frequently use the California Psychological Inventory (CPI), Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Hogan Assessment Systems, Predictive Index (PI) and critical and conceptual thinking tests as well other appropriate assessments based on what is most effective for each unique client. Testing data provides insightful information on an individual level, and can also be used at the group level to address organization development needs.


We challenge and guide leaders to learn, grow and evolve to drive the organizational mission. Our customized processes and plans include 360-degree feedback, peer mentoring, workshops, assessments and project-based team learning.


Organizational Effectiveness Consulting

Using thought partnership, including interviews and focus groups, and hands-on workshops, we recommend and implement plans around leadership succession, performance management, generational differences, organizational culture and leadership development.

Change Consulting

To help understand change and foster a sense of trust through times of organizational evolution, we provide training, workshops and recommendations on managing transitions, leading through change and change management tactics.

Human Resources Consulting

Whether working with existing human resources departments, or helping to create human resources functions for smaller organizations, we provide comprehensive, strategic consulting to include departmental audit, development program assessment, senior human resources leadership consulting, team review and developmental planning.

Diversity and Inclusion Consulting

Partnering with the organization, we recommend solutions and provide training to raise awareness around unconscious bias in recruiting, selecting and retaining talent. We don’t just find and identify these universal tendencies, but help overcome them by offering mitigating solutions.

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